The only content creation platform you will ever need.

Castofly uses technology that hasn’t been seen before – it’s disruptive. From the very beginning, it has been created by educators with the unique needs of educators in mind. Castofly allows high-quality video content to be created and shared – equivalent to Google Slides for presentations.

Major challenges with YOUR current process

Labor Intensive

Multiple Software

Large File Size


Invest in productivity

FAST (70%)

Proprietary Automation



Streamlined Content

Creation Process


10-100X Smaller


Geared towards

Online Education

What other educators are saying

Castofly is very easy and straightforward! Mostly without any information, I was able to find my way and make a video.

Corine Holroyd

Business Management Teacher, Lycée International de Ferney Voltaire

Castofly does keep all the relevant tools together for educators to seamlessly create engaging content.

Heena Narula

Instructional Designer, Akanksha Foundation

Finally a software that actually replaces physical white/blackboards and yet is simple to use.

Dhaval Patel

YouTube Influencer, Codebasics (296K Subscribers)

Castofly’s ongoing timeline

Our first public version was recently released after a lot of user testings and iterations. Now, we need your support to transform our technology to a cloud-based platform where people can easily share and collaborate on the videos by early next year.

What will I get if I become an EARLY SUPPORTER?

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