Have you ever wished for a simple way to educate through videos without all the work of editing?

Videos provide an excellent medium for you to educate and communicate ideas to your students, especially with a free video maker. While video making is extremely efficient in helping your audience connect with materials, creating quality video often takes hours, and is a headache with how excessively time-consuming it can be. 

When creating digital content, you shouldn’t have to worry about video editing. Castofly is a free video maker that takes care of that for you so that your attention can be focused on what you do best, teaching. 

Why Castofly?

Castofly as a video maker provides you with the essential tools to create your best educational video. With Castofly as your digital pen and paper, you can draw what’s on your mind, insert almost anything and record your voice and then easily sync the visuals and audio together. Castofly eliminates the need to use multiple software programs and by significantly reducing end-to-end content creation time. 

Here’s the process to create your videos:

STEP 1 – Creating drawings on Castofly’s blackboard free video maker

Using the blackboard tools on the top, you can create and edit different drawings.

Castofly empowers educators to create digital content in a quick and intuitive way. create a free explainer video, tutorial video, a youtube video that gets your message across.

Using the blackboard tools on the top, you can create and edit different drawings with Castofly free video
Easily make a stunning video, tutorial video, explainer video, and youtube video with Castofly free video maker. Eye-catching video, online image, and audio included. 
Castofly is a free video maker that helps you easily sync the visuals and audio together.

STEP 2 – Record your own audio free video creator

Hit the voice button in the audio editor to record your own audio. You can then easily cut, copy, paste, and delete sections of your recording.

STEP 3 – Sync your audio to a drawing free video maker

Easily sync your drawings to sections of audio by drag and drop drawings to the audio editor. 

STEP 4 – Preview, record, and share your video free video creator

When your project is finished, simply export your video to share it with the world.

With Castofly, recording visuals and audio at the same time is made simple, allowing anyone to produce educational videos quickly and easily.


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