A Multi-Talented Visual Studio

Castofly empowers educators to create digital content in a quick and intuitive way. Castofly delegates labor-intensive tasks such as video editing, audio enhancement, and audio-to-video synchronization to the software. It allows educators to create, share, and collaborate on premium video tutorials without any expertise. 

Take Your Tutorial Videos To The Next Level


Free video editing software

Free video maker software

Board centric animation

Board Centric Animation

We follow every stroke and animate them for you. All you need to do is draw.

Auto edit

Auto Edit

Castofly seamlessly edits the video and removes undesired actions (e.g. erasing mistakes)

Audio to video synchronization

Audio-to-Video Synchronization

A new way to sync audio to video. Our one-of-a-kind algorithms allow you to match multiple audio and video content within seconds.

small size

Small File Sizes

Castofly videos are easy to share and store. File sizes are up to 100x smaller than traditional formats thanks to our special video processing techniques.

lag free studio

Lag-Free Studio

No matter how fast you go, we’ll never fall behind. Our rendering and low-computational techniques ensure a smooth experience with our software.

flexible files

Flexible Files

Your progress is saved from the beginning to the end, so you can go back and make changes anywhere.

3 Steps To Easily Make Your Tutorial Videos

Free video maker software



Create or import your own audio and visual content using our intuitive interface.



Simply match audio to video with a few mouse selections.


Export & Share

Voila! Your video is completed instantly because we do all the hard work for you.

Create inspiring tutorial videos that will leave your viewers coming back for more. All you need is an idea and Castofly.

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